Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to call us at (978) 664-4313, or email us at

    Students are required to complete the program within 2 years of the start date of their classroom session.

    Massachusetts RMV requires that all students attend each of the 30 hours of class. iDrive Auto School understands that many students lead busy lives. Students are welcome to "split sessions." For example, you may wish to enroll in one of our sessions...and complete the session during a different time. We can accommodate almost any student's busy schedule. Please call (978) 664-4313 to discuss enrollment and attendance options.

    Classes are held at 4 Lowell Rd. Unit 9 North Reading, MA

    If you missed a class, you are required by RMV guidelines to make up the specific class you missed. You are welcome to attend any session for make up classes, but need to make sure you are attending, specifically, the class you missed. Please call ahead to confirm. iDrive Auto School will have a record of which class you need to make up.

    You should make your appointments through the student/parent online portal. Appointment times are posted on Mondays. You will receive a total of 18 hours in the vehicle with one of our highly trained, certified instructors. Your appointments may be 1 or 2 hours long, consisting of 12 hours of driving and 6 hours observing another student driver. The RMV requires parents to drive with students for 40 hours. We suggest plenty of practice driving with your parents during the 6 months you are driving on your permit. You may suggest a pick up location. We will pick you up after school, from your home, your job and drop you off at a designated location within reason as well. We offer extra driving classes at your request for an additional hourly fee.

    Please give 24* hours notice for cancellation. You may text us @ (978) 828-4112, or you may cancel on the appointment portal. A $40.00 fee will be charged without a 24 hour confirmed notice of cancellation. Thank you

    There is no fee to switch from one class session to another session at i Drive Auto School.

    Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis only.

    Certificates are kept on file with the Mass RMV. In most cases, your insurance company will have access to this information and you will not need to produce a copy. Should you require a hard copy, you may call the RMV to request one: (617)-351-9368.

    iDrive will send your completion form in on the day of your last lesson or within 24 hours. iDrive will pay the RMV $15.00 fee and $5.00 to iDrive for a processing fee. Allow 5-10 business days for the MA DOT to process your certificate, which will then be held on file. You may check the status of certificate on our links page. When you are in the RMV system you may schedule your road test. Your insurance company has access to the MA DOT and can verify a driver ed certificate online.

    iDrive now has Private Group Road Testing! Please see our page Group Road Tests for more information.

    A Road test appointment may be set up after the student has completed all requirements and the RMV has processed the driver ed certificate. To verify that your certificate has been processed, use this link:

    To use our road test service for an additional fee call (978) 664-4313 - have your permit number ready. Please Do NOT set up your own appointment if you are using our road test service. Our instructor will need to set up the appointment to fit into his/her own schedule.

    To set up your own road test (using your own sponsor and vehicle) call the RMV Student Road Test Hotline: 800 858-3926. Remember, you may not set up an appointment until all requirements are fulfilled and the driver ed certificate has been processed. Your vehicle must meet RMV requirements, which are listed in the driver's manual.

    All students must bring a signed and completed road test application to their road test appointment. Click here to get application.